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Helping you manage your farm business

Farm Office Services offers bookkeeping and payroll services to farmers and rural professionals in New Zealand. We know that the compliance administration burden on farmers is increasing evert year. With FEP's, audits, local council requirements, NAIT etc. Meaning for most farm businesses these tasks can no longer be done by one person easily. We can take some of that pressure of you. The services we offer vary from payroll or GST return processing only to full financial administration (paying monthly invoices, coding and reconciling bank statements, reporting against budget, GST returns, payroll, paying wages and PAYE returns, quarterly Fuel Excise Returns, annual budget, monthly/2 monthly reporting to the bank against the budget and communication with the accountant at year-end).

Full one-on-one training for Cashmanager Rural Online or Focus, payroll (MYOB NZ payroll, MYOB Essentials payroll, ACE payroll, Paysauce or Crystal payroll) at your place is available in Canterbury (Southland and Westland available on request), personal one-on-one training can be done online with screen-sharing software from anywhere in New Zealand. 


Farm Office Services can those inside jobs that need doing every week, fortnight, month or 2 months of your hands. You decide what you would like to do yourself and what you would like to unload onto us. Below are some of the options on offer, it can be just one thing or everything on the list:

  • Bookkeeping services: data entry/coding, invoicing, payments, GST returns
  • Payroll: timesheets, weekly/fortnightly payroll, leave recording, payslips and PAYE returns
  • Budgeting and reporting
  • Fuel Excise Tax Returns
  • End of Year check and reporting to the accountant

Alternatively, if you want a hand with learning how to do this yourself, Farm Office Services is the right address for training too. One-on-one training in your office, so you learn exactly what you want to learn tailored to your knowledge and situation.

  • Xero/Figured, MYOB and Cashmanager Rural/Focus Training & Setup
  • Cashmanager Rural/Focus or Figured Budgeting and reporting Training & Setup
  • Payroll Training & setup
  • Fuel Excise Tax Return Training and setup/initial 2-year return
  • General computer, software and app training & efficiency tips

Give Evelien a call on 027-5575521 to discuss if we can make your life a bit easier with fewer worries and deadlines.