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Three years ago our 3 business entities were looking for someone to assist with our financial admin – Payroll, Tax, GST, Coding Accounts, Loading Invoices, etc – we had no idea where to look so reverted to google search.

We found Evelien at Farm Office Services. It was a slight leap of faith; we farm in Gisborne and Evelien is based in Christchurch and we had no referral. Our systems are all cloud-based (Farm IQ, Figured & Xero) so there was no issue with functionality and remote delivery but we were still allowing a complete stranger access to our finances.

However, three years on we reflect on that decision to enlist Evelien’s services and we can honestly say that it has been one of our better ones. Evelien is highly efficient, organised and importantly has huge integrity. She is a straight shooter, adamant about compliance (which offers comfort from a risk perspective), is well informed and if she is not sure she goes the extra distance to find out. She works hard, is very accessible and offers huge support in her role.

In conclusion, Evelien provides a fantastic service, is a critical member of our team and we highly rate her contribution to our business entities.

Dan & Tam Jex-Blake
Mangapoike Family Group